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Kingbee Daily Rental-430.jpg

Cargo Van Rentals in Salt Lake City.

Work-ready cargo vans with shelving and ladder racks available for daily, weekly, and monthly rentals.

Meet the Fleet

When you're ready to roll, we've got your ride.


The Mover

Need space? We've got plenty of it. This is the basic empty cargo van ready to fit everything you throw in it.

• Bare Cargo Van

Kingbee Daily Rental-Delivery-158.jpg

The Deliverer

 Shelving from Ranger Design that folds down when you need it and stores away when you don't.

• Fold-Down Shelving

• Safety Partition

Kingbee Daily Rental-Contractor-125.jpg

The Contractor

Two extended work shelves from Ranger Design and a safety partition to keep equipment secure.

• Contractor Shelving

• Safety Partition

Kingbee Daily Rental-Contractor Plus-03.jpg

The Contractor+

A drop-down ladder rack from Ranger Design with space on the cross bars for longer materials such as pipes or conduit.

• Contractor Shelving

• Safety Partition

• Drop Down Ladder Rack

Kingbee Daily Rental-244.jpg

Kingbee Rentals

Without shelving, your vertical space is only as good as the strength of your boxes.

Pick up an upfitted van today, and keep it for as long as you need.

Van down? We've made replacements easy. Renting gives you flexibility and options.

Kingbee is the guy she told you not to worry about. 

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