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Our Cache Valley Honey

Bees Brothers is similar to Kingbee. Some might even call us honey brothers. We partnered with a local company with Utah flavors because it’s our namesake, and as craftsmen ourselves, we appreciate the small-batch process.

Bees Brothers manages hives around Cache Valley, in Northern Utah, with flavors unique to the area. The bees have their pick of foraging nearby corn, wheat, and alfalfa.

Cache Valley is surrounded by two mountain ranges that provide bees and flowers with an abundance of year-round moisture. Spring honey has a lighter color and more flowery taste. The honey that comes in the fall and winter is darker in color and has a rich, bold sweetness. So if you’ve gotten two jars that don’t look the same, they could be from different hives or seasons.

We could have had the honey shipped from Tunisia, but we wanted to support a family-owned Utah business in the hopes that you would support ours. We’ve distributed over 3,500 jars of honey, each made from our own backyard. Next time you ride in one of our vans, or see us at a tradeshow, enjoy a bit of honey, on us.

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